motion texture 02

A video work that is an updated version of the 2006 motion graphics work “motion texture”. After 10 years since the birth of the concept of the previous piece, “video that exists”, it is a fusion of the intangible video work and tangible space made possible through the growing reality (presence) of digital information.


『motion texture 02』は、2006年のモーショングラフィックス作品『motion texture』をアップデートした映像作品。前作のコンセプト“存在する映像”から10年余りを経て、デジタル情報がますますリアリティ(=存在感)を増しつつある中、非物質である映像作品と住空間などの融合を試みる。


Kouhei Nakama

A life that constantly moves and changes. It is an attempt to visualize a phenomenon of life that mutually influences each other by individual movements, creating differences in concentration of substance and depth.


Music:Tomohiro Nagasaki





Tyler Bowers

WOMB is a surreal vision of how a baby in utero see’s the world from inside the mothers womb. These abstract high resolution renders accompanied by natural sound and ambient music visualize how an infant could possibly visualize the world around as it grows inside the mother’s womb.


Music:Tomohiro Nagasaki

赤ちゃんは、母親のお腹の中から世界をどのように見ているのだろう? 科学もまた、胎児が子宮の外の音を聴いている可能性を示唆している。胎児が思い描いているかもしれない世界を超現実的な映像で視覚化した作品。


Takuma Nakazi

Daisuke Moriwaki

Tsutomu Miyajima

Kazunori Kojima

​Yuta Nakano

A scenery that seems to last forever as well as disappear in a moment. How long will we exist as a part of this cityscape? The temporary spectacle leads to deep thoughts.


Music:Tomohiro Nagasaki

一瞬でなくなってしまうようにも、永遠に続くようにも見える                         風景。私たちは一体いつまで、この街の風景として存在するのか。刹那的な情景が、深遠なる思考を導いていく。


Shingo Abe

Feel like going for a short walk on a rainy night. The scenery of the city made of straight lines melts in the rain and obscures boundaries. Skyscrapers, viaducts, construction sites... Everything starts to shine when they reflect on a puddle. This is an expression of those scenaries.


Music:Arc of Doves


Incomplete figures

Tatsuki Kondo

“Lissajous curve” is a natural pattern created by the pendulum.

While expressing the pattern with light, the emerging dotted lines are added as visual elements. It is incomplete as a shape but certainly is a new view beyond description.


Music:Tomohiro Nagasaki




Ryo Kitabatake

Shunsaku Ishinabe

Study series Vol. 1, exploring what “life” really is. Draw-ing the characteristics of living creatures using minimum elements, based on hand movements.



Takuma Sasaki

Birth / Growth / Fermentation / Decay The artwork captures the diverse phenomena created by various materials and organic motions from objective perspective.


Music:Tomohiro Nagasaki



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